Vaping under Obama Care

Health Care Reform

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Here in the United States, gaining employment is generally contingent on passing a drug test.

This has long been a topic of hot debate.
It’s not so much the policy per se; it’s the end result.
Sometimes there’s no justification for absolutes; particularly when logic comes into play.

An acquaintance of mine was recently given the opportunity of a promotion but missed out due to failing a random drug test.

The test was looking for Nicotine. She doesn’t smoke, She vapes.

Vaping isn’t permitted at her place of employment (not medical) but the disturbing fact is that her right of choice in her own home, or outside of the workplace, was in essence taken away.

Should employees be singled out, or even fired for endeavoring to improve their health ?

If you think so, then may I suggest you go find a rock and well… hit yourself over the head until sanity prevails.

Tobacco testing has been around for some time. It’s generally applicable to those in the medical industry, specifically hospitals.
I understand there’s an image that they must support and project.

Historically, outside of this industry, proposed legislation regarding smoking bans at the workplace, have been rejected by the Senate.

While congressional members enjoy their cigarette breaks, some worked behind the scenes on a policy that would include mandatory testing for Nicotine, irrespective of industry.

But it’s not congress alone. Understandably the medical industry has a vested interest as well.
Now there’s further interest in this broader based policy.

HR 3962.Which became HR3590. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.
AKA Obama Care.

If you don’t see the correlation between all of this, you may, respectfully, be shortsighted.

One could argue that screening for recreational drug use is an acceptable practice; screening for traces of nicotine however, could be viewed as sheer abuse, at the very least a slippery slope.

Depending on your sources for media, the current proposals pertaining to Obama care in relation to smokers, vary.
So much of what we read or hear is politically skewed.
I’ve spent a few days researching the latest information and my head is simply spinning out of control.

Do I trust the Fox or listen to the Peacock?

The bottom line is that smokers could pay up to 50% in additional premiums for health care.
Private insurance companies have been given approval to charge more but there’s considerable ambiguity pertaining to the numbers.

Oddly enough, there’s currently a computer glitch that will restrict charging elderly tobacco users with the proposed penalties.
They don’t expect to have this rectified for some time. Some reports suggest up to a year.
I won’t say it.

But I can’t help myself……….

May I suggest an upgrade from MS-DOS? BTW, my services are available if need be.
And this system came from Canada, not the Islands of Vanuatu.

If we are to accept, or even embrace nicotine testing, is it fair to suggest a level of discrimination?

It’s ok to come to work after a heavy night on the booze but hey……
If you vape that vanilla tobacco it’s gonna cost ya!

Alcohol testing has never been a pre requisite yet, there are approximately 100,000 deaths attributed to excessive use each year in the United States alone. The economic costs of alcohol consumption in 2011 were estimated at over $250 billion.

Tobacco related statistics are obviously much higher and hence there’s a need to find solutions.
The old tax payer burden issue.

I’m the first to admit we need reform but in all honesty isn’t this simply putting the cart before the horse?

I do wonder though. Is alcohol testing around the corner too?

While we’re at it why not put a limit of 2 drive- thru visits a week at McDonald’s?
Maybe a Pizza Hut fat tax is appropriate?
Hey, the cost of obesity related illness is staggering, so…….

At least it would make for a fairer system, right?

But tobacco testing is about traces of nicotine.
For those that vape zero percent Nic, I guess you’re fine.

For the majority of us……
Things could get rather interesting.

Some information about nicotine testing- “Cotinine Tests”

Charles Chalfant
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  1. rothenbj says

    I find it quite disturbing. It is the same as, in the drinking example, putting a 50% increase in Obamacare rates if you use alcohol and you have a glass of wine with dinner.

    Of course I find a lot disturbing with what is happening in this country, but the sheeple are willing to sacrifice their rights every day.

    • says

      Ohhh, they best not touch my vino!
      But very little surprises me today. It’s our fault too.

      Perhaps it’s time for the people to do their job and that’s all I best say on the subject, but I appreciate your contributions.

    • meanckz says

      well maybe it’s time the PEOPLE (not the sheeple) take back our country from the government.
      as far as I remember the government serves the PEOPLE, not the other way around.
      (sorry…ranting, politicians just make me soooo mad)

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