Greenline Vape Store – USA

Last weekend I attended the 40th street painting festival in Lake Worth, Florida.
While the 3D sketches were brilliant, it was a new Vape store that caught this boys attention.

logo-copy Greenline Vape


Greenline Vape
508 Lake Ave. Suite B, Lake Worth 33460
Phone: (561)585-6666 Email:

Instead of a window displaying Chinese clones and cheap knock offs, I was delighted to see Kanger and Innokin devices in all their glory. Far too many stores, especially converted tobacco stores, carry junk. Not these guys.

It’s a relatively small store but they make up for it by carrying quality devices, offering a friendly environment and a good old fashioned smile on their dials.
They’re nice folks and they know vaping!

The store was spotless too, something I appreciate.
This isn’t a converted Tobacco store, it’s strictly VAPING.

According to the gentleman I spoke with they’re planning on adding additional inventory to meet customers requirements. I had taken my Provari out that day and wanted a new 18650 battery but alas, they don’t as yet carry them, but they will.

It didn’t seem to bother me that there were very few Mod batteries stocked yet, at least they knew what they were! As long as they follow through…. I’ll support them.

It’s a brand new store and I wish them the best of luck in their endeavors.
I’ll be heading back there soon and will report on their progress, but if you’re nearby, you may want to drop by, have a vape and support these guys anyway you can.

We need quality Vape Shops, NOT converted Tobacco stores……..

Charles Chalfant Yates
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  1. samantha says

    I absolutly love this store and have had nothing but good experiences . I always come in with my two children(one in strollerand mylittle girl roamin around and melissa and julia are so friendly with us I wouldn’t go anywhere else .

  2. James says

    I have been at this store numerous times. You have to take into account that they are a new store and probably don’t have the ability YET to have more than one staff memeber on shift at a time. Also they are actually mixing the Flavors as they are ordered. And the juice is high quality. It would make sense that she would take orders from multiple clients before going to the back to mix them up. I’m not justifying the rudeness and I have never experienced this myself. But I would gladly wait for my custom juice to be mixed than be quickly in and out at some sub par tobacco shop…. Patience is a virtue…..

    • says


      Thanks for sharing your views and experience re Greenline.
      I agree with you and plan on returning next week to see how they’ve progressed.
      Appreciate your comments, take care.

  3. Beth says

    Customer service at this store sucks. I went in on a Sunday afternoon, ordered 1 bottle of juice. The employee then went on serving other customers. While I was waiting over 10 minutes, I kindly asked the girl talking to other’s in the store, when my bottle would be ready to pay for. She said it would be “out shortly” and then went on talking to other customers. Finally, about 10 min later she takes my payment, hands me my bottle. No “Thank You”, just a rude look from her. I’d rather shop elsewhere where the employees are nice and not RUDE to customers.

    • says


      Sometimes people have bad days.
      Working in retail must be a hell of a tough gig.
      I’m not justifying, nor am I defending the Lady’s actions but if it were me, I’d go back and chat to the manager AND the Lady you mentioned.

      Perhaps another visit would allow to clear the air and start over.

      I’m sure Greenline would like the opportunity to win back your trust, at least an opportunity to discuss the matter.

      Take care,

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