DIY E-Liquid Mixing

DIY-eliquid-mixingThis is a getting started guide, and how I approach making DIY. It’s a continual exploration and I’ll update these posts to reflect any new discoveries.

For the most part I utilize common principles and techniques, although we all have certain areas we customize or expand on.


There are many tutorials online, and I would suggest reading them. YouTube can be a good resource too. The majority of our supplies come from Wizard Labs in Florida and or VapeKing in Sydney.

Please read the other DIY sections first-

Do not attempt DIY until you have been vaping for at least a few months.

Some Important Guidelines-

  • Don’t attempt DIY until you know your desired Nicotine and PG/VG preferences
  • To save money – Don’t use nicotine in your mixes until you decide flavor preferences
  • Pure Nicotine can be dangerous – I prefer to buy mine with PG/VG 
  • If your nicotine base is 100% VG make sure you add Distilled Water 5% approx. or PG
  • When using alcohol in mixes make sure you store these in glass bottles
  • When you test mixes, use a Variable Voltage device
  • Use quality Atomizers like the io6 from iKenvape (510 compatible)
  • Practice on just a couple of individual flavors first
  • Insure ALL your concentrated flavors are in glass bottles with dropper caps
  • Never microwave e liquid, Flavors or Nicotine
  • Do not refrigerate or freeze Flavors. You can freeze Nicotine, although I never do
  • Do not leave caps off DIY liquid for steeping unless they contain alcohol
  • Prepare a Safe and Clean working environment
  • Always wear safety glasses and gloves and keep hand sanitizer close by
  • Rubbing/isopropyl alcohol is needed for cleaning up spills
  • Keep all DIY liquids and supplies away from Children and Pets

You may wish to use software for your mixing. Most who DIY do.
Try ejuicemeup first.
Here’s a video tutorial on the software.

Nicotine and Preparation


Before you begin any DIY prepare the Nicotine at least a day in advance
Nicotine has a strong peppery taste and aroma. Obviously, this transfers to your final mix

Pour Nicotine into an open glass bowl and cover with a thin paper towel
Store it up high, away from heat and light for at least 24 hours- This will reduce the peppery aroma and taste

I purchase 48mg/ml Nicotine mixed in 100% VG
From here I mix it down to 24mg/ml with additional VG, PG, PGA, DW
On some mixes such as Tobacco I add up to 25% PG
PGA Alcohol will add Throat Hit so the PG level can be reduced in many cases


Syringe measure

1 ml is Equal to approximately 20 drops of liquid
3 ml = 60 drops  10ml = 200 drops  30ml = 600 drops

From here we can determine how many “Percentage” drops are required for flavorings.

FYI- Standard industry bottle sizes are- 3ml, 5ml, 10ml, 30ml 

For 3ml bottles or Mixes-
5% = 3 drops   10% = 6 drops   15% = 9 drops   20% = 12 drops
For 10ml bottles or Mixes-
1% = 2 drops  5% = 10 drops  10% = 20 drops  20% = 40 drops
For 30ml bottles or Mixes-
1% = 6 drops  5% = 30 drops  10% = 60 drops  20% = 120 drops

If you have 10ml of nicotine base and need 10% flavor you would put it 20 drops of flavoring.
Flavor percentages vary from manufacturer but are ultimately based on individual tastes.
Less is frequently more….. Due to steeping, always start with low percentages and work up if need be.

Let’s brew something up…….

Apple Pie

Apple Pie from Wizard Labs by TFA.
You can use any single TFA flavor here.
The suggested flavor percentage starts at 5%
My recommendation would be closer to 10% depending on steep time

Have your tools and supplies laid out within easy reach and please, keep the kids and pets away-

Prepare a 10ml base bottle of Nicotine with your desired PG/VG percentages
If you’re not certain of your percentages try a 50/50 mix to start with and alter accordingly
Notepad nearby-

  • Pour 10ml of Nicotine mix into a Graduated Cylinder using a luer lock syringe or Pipette
  • Transfer into a small glass bowl (Mise en place)
  • Add 10 drops of flavor (5% of 10ml) or 20 drops (10% of 10ml)
  • Stir with a pipette until the liquids are evenly mixed
  • Grab a larger bowl and partially fill it with hot water from the tap
    Just enough to allow you to place your mix bowl into it, without allowing water in-
    It should float
  • Allow the water to cool down. This is providing a quick steep-

For a quick representation of flavor, and to aid in learning percentages-
This gives one a rough idea of how it should mature with correct, longer term steeping 

Using a clean pipette or dropper place 3 drops directly onto a clean and broken in Atomizer.
Take a few vapes and see how it tastes.
Vape at various voltages and watts too. Make notes on your preferences.
More than likely it’s going to lack richness and strength.
At this point you can experiment by adding a few extra drops, but don’t make it too rich or sweet.

Please Note:

  • STEEPING will increase flavor perception due to aging, so it’s important not to over sweeten. The majority of juices will not taste right until steeped
  • ADDITIVES – Experiment with percentages as this may add depth and improve overall flavor and taste

DIY is trial and error so experiment with your percentages but remember to take notes on everything! There’s nothing worse than creating a great recipe, and not having it recorded.

Tobacco mix using two flavors

Cigarettes contain yummy ingredients, such as chocolate and vanilla. Bakery flavors like custards, creams and pie crust are often utilized too. When we mix DIY, we should experiment, after all, we want the closest representation.
Below is an example of a basic tobacco base. Experiment from here and create your own.

TFA’s Tobacco Absolute
This is what is called a “Main” It is a base from which to build on.
Seedman’s Commercial Tobacco
This is what is known as a “Secondary Note”.
Wizard Labs sell a variety of these and each adds a distinctive overall flavor.

  • Pour 10mls of Nicotine mix into your open glass bowl
  • 1 single drop of Tobacco Absolute (TA)
  • 10 drops (5%) of Seedman Commercial Tobacco
    Additives and Extra’s: Experiment with these examples
  • 1 single drops of MTS Vape Wizard (already in TA but some like extra)
  • 1 drop Acetyl Pyrazine
  • 5 + drops of Smooth
  • 5 + drops of sweetener
  • 2 drops of Vinegar
  • 1 drop concentrated Lemon Juice
  • 2-4 drops chocolate, vanilla, Irish Cream
  • Saline- .09 saline- I drop per 3ml approx.
  • I generally add about 5 drops of PGA alcohol too if none present

Unfortunately, DIY is not an exact science as flavor is subjective.
Therefore there is no definitive rule to required liquid quantities.
As I always say….It’s Trial and Error.

If you’re using flavors that contain Organic Ethyl Alcohol, or you wish to add alcohol, follow the steps as with nicotine.
This allows for much of the alcohol to evaporate, which is what you want.
For those that use a high percentage of VG, alcohol allows for a touch of extra TH or throat hit.
I find it adds body and a slight richness too.

When it comes to DIY, patience is your friend. As I’ve said before, it’s just like a good bottle of wine……

Charles Chalfant Yates
Thanks for visiting The Table


  1. Sherri says

    I also have RY4 from Hangsen. I guess I just don’t know what makes one Tobacco part of the base and what makes another a secondary.

    Thanks again,


  2. Sherri says

    Hi Charles,

    Its me again :). I purchased the honey wood tobacco that you recommended and it smells like a baby product like johnson and johnson baby lotion. Is it suppose to? Also I have some other tobacco flavors and wanted to know if they would work with the honey wood. 4 star general from Flavor Shack, Virginia from Hangsen, American Red Tobacco from TFA and Desert Ship from Hangsen. I haven’t done too much with these as I am still researching. I did try out the Desert Ship and found it to be harsh but I did like the flavor. This was before finding this site however. I have always smoked a lite cigarette like Marlboro, L&M and Capri.

    Any advise would be appreciated.


    • says

      As far as primary and secondary notes go….
      Think of this as simply the “Main” Flavor and the underlying or subtle background flavor.

      Yes, you can experiment with ANY tobaccos. Just remember that many are strong and therefore proceed with caution. Many primary tobaccos should be mixed at a max of 1.5% (Such as Tobacco Absolute and HoneyWood)

      If you purchase a Tobacco for DIY, you should assume it’s a Primary but in reality it matters little. What matters is if you like the flavor and if it satisfies.

      DIY is experimenting and really, this is the only way to learn.
      Taste/Flavor is always subjective but go ahead and try mixing and let me know what happens, okay?

  3. al pizzi says

    Hey bud, cchalfant thanks for putting up this site. I have searched for weeks for a better insight on dyi,ing, So i have a question, i have just started to dyi, Trying to save a buck.. So This is what i have. 50/50 pre mix with 10mil nic from eliq. Im not sure what i am doing wrong but i mixed 9ml of premix base and almost 1 mil of flavour. steeped for 48 hours still taste like burnt suger and looks like ky jelly and to add to this it also made me sick. Nauseated and dizzy. Can you tell me what i am doing wrong. thanks bud, Any insight will be appreciated.

    • says


      Hello there and thanks for the email.
      Okay, exactly what brand and type of flavors are you using? Please be specific.
      What are the nicotine details? Strength, vg or pg and so on……

      I’ll await your reply.
      Don’t worry, we will get you up and running.

  4. says

    Great stuff – I want to know though, can I use other concentrates used to make foodsoda – example, I found a sasperilla that is great – can I safely use that in vaping?
    Please let me / us know your thoughts. I would think yes, but that is just me.

    Please reply here but also send me an e-mail in case I don’t see it here.

    Kevin in Portland

  5. Kal says


    I just wanted to say your forum is very helpful and has enlightened me! I’ve been working on my own juices and so fourth.
    I’ve went ahead and pre-made all of my juices into 200 ml bottles! I’ve put 50pg/50vg and my calculations as far as the juices added to it as well.
    But the nicotine part has me stumped, as far as to having all the juices already mixed. I’d like to have 6mg, 12mg, and 18 mg or nicotine.
    The nicotine that I have purchased is 2L and is 100 mg, as well as having 50/50 pg and vg. Could you please inform me on a formula or anything as to how I should add the nicotine to the already made mixes?!

    • says


      Thanks for stopping by and your email.
      Sounds like you’ve gone ahead and made large batches of flavors first, correct?

      The formula you’re looking for is based on what percentage of flavoring you wish AND what strength nicotine.
      What you should do is make a small 3 ml bottle to start and put 90% of nic with PG/VG and try around 10 % flavoring depending in what the vendor is recommending.
      What brand of flavoring are you using?

      This will give me a better idea as to your mixes, okay?

    • Anonymous says

      Be careful of the nicotine. You have 100mg per ML. If you put 90% nicotine to 10% flavoring into a 3 ML bottle then you have about 270 mg of nicotine in 3ML. That’s 90mg per ML. That’s way too much. You could overdose on that.

  6. Baodt says

    Hi cchalfant,

    Your blogged is really interesting, i am new to vaping but these helps me a lot to DIY my e-juices soon.

    By the way, i am going to mix 30 ml bottle of e juice and i want to know how many percentage of flavor do i need to add in order me to get the premium taste e juice?

    • says


      Hello and thanks for the email.
      What you are asking is not that simple. There are many variables to take into account; not to mention your preferences.
      If you are not sure of your preferences in regard to percentage of flavor, I would start making 3ml bottles and work from there.
      Flavor percentages are generally offered by the vendor. They may state that you should mix this flavor from a starting point of 5%. Some brands need 20%.

      If you wish you may email me your number and I can call you for a clearer explanation, okay?
      Take Care,

  7. says

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all your time and efforts in putting this site together. I found this to be the BEST site hands down on DIY ejuice. Im far from an expert but Ive made up alot of time following your instructions. I tell all my friends and people I meet who ask about making juice to go to this site and dont follow or contaminate your instructions with other peoples info or hear say just follow this sites instructions only. I wasted alot of time and juice following other tid bits of info from here and there. Anyways sorry for long post I just want to make sure you know that your time and effort is helping people and keep up the awesome job. Mike in Sac. CA. “/

    • says


      Sorry for the delay in reply.
      I appreciate your kind comments, makes the effort all that more satisfying!
      Please let us know how your journey progresses and if I can ever help with anything, okay?

  8. Joseph Perrone says

    Im having a real hard time with dIY.I don’t know if its the storage of my Nic or what?I started to store my nic in the freezer to see if it helps,before it was under my bed in a hot room.I would always get a harshness from my juices.I am going to try your method of keeping it in a bowl for 24 hours to see if it helps.

    • says


      Did you get my email response?
      Basically, keep your nicotine at below 75 degrees and yes, pour your desired amount for mixing into an open bowl or bottle (with cap off) at least overnight, to breath and remove peppery taste.
      Let me know if I can help more.

  9. Jason says

    This website is so valuable! Thank you for spending the time to write up all your instructions. I have failed at 3 previous batches and from what I have now I am sure I am on the right track.

    Quick question I am letting my flavors steep with my vg/pg mix now. In about 5 days I am going to start letting the nicotine breath for 24-48 hours and then I am going to add the nicotine to my flavor mix after about 2 weeks. Is that correct? If so do you recommend letting the new mix sit for another period of time?

    Thank you

    • says


      Thanks for contacting us.
      There are many ways to steep juices, I just happen to like this method-

      Yes, after your flavorings have steeped for your specified time, you can add the nicotine.
      Good job on wanting to let the nicotine breath with top off, it really rids that peppery taste to some degree.

      Generally, depending on flavor type a further steep (with the nic) is required but not for long.
      Two weeks or so should do the trick but the reality is… you should try it after a week and see if you like it.
      It’s really all trial and error.

      Please let me know if you need any further assistance, okay?
      Thanks again,

  10. Ed says

    Hello there. I wish I would have come across this page before placing my last DIY order :-) I want to be a full time vaper, but I just can’t seem to get past a slight metallic taste I get from any juice I’ve tried, pre mixed or DIY. Do any of the ingredients you mentioned cut this down? Trying to build a good non sweet tobacco juice to get me off analogs. Thanks for your work.

    • says

      Hi Ed,

      Thanks for the question and comments.
      Read this and let me know what you think, okay?
      What delivery system are you using too?

      Once I know this I can help you further………
      Take Care,

      • Ed says

        Hi Charles, sorry about the slow reply. I switch my delivery systems around a bit. I have an ego with a few different clearomizers: Kanger T3, iClear, couple of different Aspires. Also a little Joyetech 510-T tank system, a few Boge carts. I seem to get a cleaner flavour from the 510-T, but they always leak. Just got a new Aspire 2.2 ml, BDCC that I’ll be trying soon depending on my latest recipe: 10 ml batch, 80% VG, 20% Distilled water, 18 mg VG nic. To this I added, so far, 6 drops Flavourart Maxx Blend, 4 drops FA Black Fire, 3 drops FA Bitter Wizard, 2 drops Apple Cider Vinegar. Needs to steep now, but I think there’s potential there after trying it fresh in my little 510-T.

        I first notice the vinegar reference on your site and found its very common in tobacco blends, interesting. I wish I could have found Tobacco Absolute to build the “base”. Didn’t have any alcohol on hand but will be trying it in the future. Also have FA Tuscan, Latakia to try out. Thanks for any help/tips!


        • says

          Hi Ed,

          Interesting mix you have there. Haven’t tried the FA Tuscan yet but will look into it.
          Have you tried FlavorWest’s HoneyWood Tobacco?

          I love this stuff…. It makes an excellent tobacco base!

          Here’s the Tobacco Absolute, now available here-

          Oh… don’t forget to try using a drop or two of lemon juice and lime juice with tobacco, see how ya like it. Also, a touch of cocoa and vanillin offers a closer representation for tobacco mixes as both are in cigarettes. Always use a bit of smooth too. 5% mix, okay?

          Keep in touch.

          • Ed says

            Thanks again Charles. I’ll order the supplies you mention. When you say you make a “base”, then steep it first. That would basically be TA or the honeywood you mentioned added to your juice base , steeped, and then add tobacco flavours to the base to get the flavour you want in the end?

            • says

              Hey Ed,

              Sorry for the confusion here.
              Okay, TA is generally classified as a “Primary Note”or main flavor.
              Additional flavors are generally referred to as secondary, although it matters little in the long run as it’s all about taste.

              Tobacco Absolute is a good primary base but I think I prefer the HoneyWood these days. Like TA it’s very strong and should be used as a primary base at around 1% of your total nicotine and PG/VG volume.

              I would steep only this for a month and then add secondary flavors (notes) as per my choosing.

              If you head over to Wizard labs and look under Seedman flavors you will see a bunch of secondary ones there.

              The English, Captain Black and English produce excellent results with eith TA or WoodTobacco. Use about 5% along with 5% smooth.
              Don’t forget the Apple Cider Vinegar and a few drops of vodka and lemon juice.
              Hope this helps?

              • Ed says

                OK, thanks again Charles. I don’t care for PG so do I need a higher % of flavouring or just longer steep time in high VG liquid? I’ll try your recommendations and let, you know how it goes. Ed

                • says

                  The flavors we buy are prepared in PG as you know.
                  IF you require more flavor you may just have to increase percentages and or allow for a longer steep.

                  Mixes with mainly VG will require a longer steep.
                  Let me know how you do, okay?
                  Regards to you,

  11. Jeremy says


    I just wanted to say thank you for the writeup. It is very insightful. I have watched many videos on youtube about making eliquids, but I have found this manual to be far more helpful. Everything is spelled out in an easy to understand fashion. I like how you have provided additional resources and ideas for inspiration. There need to be more references like this one!



    • says


      Your comments are much appreciated, thanks for that!
      DIY is a continual exploration and I find it all rather satisfying.

      As I discover new methods, or change my approach, I’ll update the post.

      As always, I’m available to chat.
      Take care,

  12. Linda says

    I’m trying 100% VG with Nature’s flavor and 2ml of distilled water. I steeped it in hot water too but the flavor oil rises to the top. Help

  13. Trane says

    Dear Charlie!

    I’m a novice DIY-er from Budapest, Hungary, and just wanted to thank you and congratulate, because this clear and precise compilation of DIY-methods found here is way the best available online…

    I am currently steeping my 3rd batch of own juices and you showed me the path which I would like to follow to acquire more expertise in the sensitive area of additives…. (I started to mix from TFA basic materials, and it’s quite amazing how many extras they have).

    I just have a single question right now:

    You’ve mantioned:
    “ALL of my flavors are prepared and steeped beforehand – Basically a Pre Mix.”

    This is exactly what I instinctively though after the partial fail of my 1st batch…
    So now I’m steeping 4 tobacco bases for 4 weeks and 8 extra flavours from sour fruits to creamy desserts – I would like to prepare the final mixes with the usage of these well steeped, clear ingredients at the time when they’re ready on their own state (+ adding maltol, acid, vinegar, alcohol, etc… later).

    But my question is:
    – If I steep every single flavour at 8% and mix them together later, the final percentage of the concoction will contain 4%-4% of each bottle diluted to the same quantity, am I right?

    So I just wanted to confirm:
    – this initial “overflavoring” that I opted for is the right way to keep a healthy flavour amount ratio at the result that (I presume)?
    – Will two particularry blended basic flavours loose their intensity too much when mixed together?
    – Will this method differ from the way of just starting with a 4%-4% flavour-mix steeped alltogether?

    I do apologize for my bad grammar or expression, I hope you understand my simple concerns…

    Thanks in advance if you have time to answer! :)



      • Trane says

        Hi Charles!

        Kinda funny, I’ve checked the spelling of my default gmail that I gave yesterday, and it was correctly submitted…

        I’m also a registered member of the ECF (with the same nick).

        Do I need to register here as well..?

        I would be glad if we found a way to communicate, as I’m really interested in your opinion!

        (I am also curious about the ‘repertoir’ of TFA, the possibilities of oversea shipping, ingredients, etc…)

        And I will keep for sure on reading this georgeus site anyway from now on… :)



        • says


          Yes, please subscribe to the site if you don’t mind.

          Now, not sure about the email but it could be my spam blocker, it’s fairly aggressive as I get up to 40-50 spam emails and comments per day!

          Shoot me an email when that’s done.
          If you like, provide your number and I’ll call you so we can get you up and running with confidence :)

          Charlie Chan The Vaping Man

    • says

      Quite a few on ECF have purchased this kit and I’d recommend it.
      The fact that Google doesn’t show many hits is irrelevant.
      Go explore tobacco.
      As for the flavors, well that’s up to you. Trial and error though.

    • says

      Oh yes. A little fruit in ones Tobacco can be a yummy treat. Have you ever tried Nature’s Flavor or Capella drops?
      If not, you should!
      I’ll find a source for you if need be, ok?

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