The Vapers Table - Australia's Vaping Support

Whether for your Health or Family, a viable, safer alternative to Tobacco is available
It should be a serious consideration for all smokers

Improving Public Health


Through Awareness and support of Tobacco Harm Reduction


Assisting adult smokers and those wishing to explore or transition to Vaping


Regardless of dependency or addiction, we stand behind the following statement


” Selecting the right e Cig device, generally provides a 50% reduction in tobacco

As vaping becomes second nature, tobacco intake for most, will be a thing of the past “


Research has revealed that Vaping is at least 95% safer than Smoking

Vaping Support

Support is provided through Email, Phone and Sydney-based Table Meets.

Vaping Information

Discover vaping through Blogs, Guides and Videos. Products, Industry News and all things relevant to Vaping


Health - Science - Medicine

Sharing the research, science and current findings. Hear from reputable members of Science and Medicine.

Product Insights and Reviews

A look at some practical choices of Electronic Cigarettes, Mods, Tanks and e liquids. Recommendations on what to buy and why.


Associate member of the New Nicotine Awareness of Tobacco Harm Reduction and working to amend Government policy that hinders personal choice.

How will you quit Smoking?

Below are the common methods used to overcome Tobacco dependency

Statistics show a need to adopt a more practical approach

To acknowledge and promote the benefits of Tobacco Harm Reduction 


Cold Turkey


Nicotine Patches Gums and Sprays





Nicotine Replacement Therapies are widely ineffective


It is time for Public Health to endorse the use of electronic cigarettes


A more pragmatic means to combatting tobacco-related disease

About Our Vaping Support

“I smoked for thirty years and tried everything to quit but no luck. Charles sent me an eGo to try out which was an extraordinary gesture. I don’t even think they sell anything. 2 days later I had my last cigarette.  Thank you for all you do. This is the easiest method for quitting cigarettes! 

David Turner

Project Manager, Sydney

“The nicotine-free e-liquids you suggested were just perfect for me. Thanks for the recommendation. Your thoughts on nicotine and dependency are spot on. Keep up the good work. Thanks to your site and others I am now smoke-free.”

Tim Russell

Salesman, Rooty Hill, Sydney

“I’ve tried to help my husband give up smoking but gave up years ago. Last week we met Charles at a local café. He sat with us for an hour and took the time to explain how e-cigs and mods work.  Hubby only smokes about 3 a day now. Thank you for everything, we will always be grateful.”

Nickie G

Teacher, Hunters Hill, Sydney

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