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Our mission here is quite simple-

To provide people who are looking to move away from smoking cigarettes, and those already transitioning to vaping, with informative content and personal support. There’s a lot to learn, and we’ll endeavor to provide you with the tools to make the transition as successful as possible.

The Vapers Table is providing Free Telephone Support for you….

This is a community service based website, founded in 2012.
Proudly, we were the first non commercial website providing free phone support for those living in the US. Early next year we will be opening a facility in Sydney.

What started as a positive lifestyle change in 2006, has recently become a full time endeavor-

To bring awareness and provide support for those seeking quality E Cig Devices, Delivery Systems and E liquids

Although I’m the one behind the keyboard, additional resources are provided from fellow vapers and those within the industry. Opinions pertaining to vaping are subjective, therefore, it’s imperative to bring additional viewpoints to The Table.

No single device or e liquid is going to satisfy everyone.

Today, there’s an unlimited array of E Cig devices, many being offered in the form of Hybrids and Mods. Selection is becoming more complex and at times frustrating, given the overwhelming choices for the consumer.
However, there’s no denying that quality devices will serve you best when transitioning to vaping and beyond.

We promote those products that have proven to provide long term results, and represent value for money


The Electronic Cigarette is constantly evolving, and the industry is expanding exponentially. This allows for a greater selection of products, services and price points.

Irrespective of what regulations are proposed or implemented by the FDA, vaping is here to stay and will remain both a viable and sensible alternative to tobacco based products

We are committed to providing a virus free environment and will never use, sell or trade personal information of our subscribers

sitelockThe Vapers Table utilizes a commercial version of “Site Lock” for OUR added security

We invite you to subscribe to our site. Subscription is required for free phone and email support.
Subscription is located on the right sidebar.

Please use the contact form below. We’d love to hear your thoughts or discuss your experience with e cigs. There’s much to talk about…..

Thanks for visiting The Table
Charles Chalfant

Please Note: All visitors to this site must be of legal smoking age
Certain images on this site have been purchased and copyrighted. Therefore, protected under law. Please inquire before copying.

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